Tourist Information
Tourist Information
How To Stay At Minamifurano


Sightseeing Spot

Kanayama Dam There are many sightseeing spot in Minamifurano town. You can see different scenary with the season.

Lake Kanayama

Lake Kanayama is artificial lake and it has a large area. It surrounded with a virgin forest. In summer, you can enjoy canoeing, camping and seeing many lavender flowers. In winter, you can enjoy smelt fishing!


Roadside station “Minamifurano”

If you come from Furano area to Minamifurano using R38, you can see Roadside station “Minamifurano” at left side.
It is composite facilities.

display area

<ground floor>
There is a large glass tank and visionary fish “Japanese Fucho(Itou)” in it. Japanese fucho belongs to Salmonidae, in Japan it decrease by destruction and division of a habitat, the artificial import of a living thing, environmental pollution and hunting. In Minamifurano many Japanese Fucho live and it increase every year by biological research, setting an area closed to fishing and a closed season of Lake Kanayama or Sorach river.
There are also displayed stuffing bears. Minamifurano town is surrounded great nature, so many wild animals live.
<second floor>
There are many tree stumps that grow at Minamifurano town.

restaurant “larch”

There are a lot of menu. Japanese ramen(noodles), sautéed pork, curry etc…

souvenir shop

Therea are many Minamifurano souvenirs, e.g. Potato with butter “Batajaga”, Japanese tea that is made of bamboo “Kumasasa cha”, corns, cookies and Furano area souvenirs.

Free wifi spot

At Second floor, there is plug and free wifi service.

dog run


Lacation of Japanese famous movie “Poppoya 鉄道員”

Poppoya was written by Jiro Asada, and filmed on 1999. Ikutara station was used as Horomai station that was in the key of the story.


*Leading actor of this movie, Ken TAKAKURA died on November 10th.
We pray that his soul may rest in peace.


Observatory of Karikachi Pass

Karikachi Pass is on the border of Shintoku town and Minamifurano town. It’s 644m height. It overlooked Tokachi plains when whether is clear.


Kanayama Dam

It was built in 1967. It is released the internal of the dam only the Lake Kanayama festival on July.


■Lake-Dam-community Hall
This hall proximate office of Kanayama dam. There is a room where Kanayama dam historical things are displayed.



In Minamifurano, a wide range of summer and winter sports are available due to the abundant nature.

Minamifurano national ski area

It is located south of lake Kanayama. It takes 15min. from Ikutora station.
The snow is nowise inferior to famous ski resort near Minamifurano.
It is no limitation to use snowboard.


<opening hours>

opening hoursregular holidayPM1:00~PM9:00AM9:00~PM9:00AM9:00~PM4:00

※Japanese national holiday→AM9:00~PM9:00
※31th Dec. and 1th Jan. is closed.

 1 time ticketbook of ticket
(11 times)
4hours8hoursseason ticket
(over 55 years old)
one adult and child
(pre school child)

※Please bring the photo(3.5cm×3.5cm),when you buy season pass.




outdoor sports

hokkaido-adventure tours

It is located Kitaochiai area and it is surrounded by greatful nature. In summer, you can enjoy rafting at sisorapuchi river and In winter, enjoy dog sled.





doncoro outdoor school(NPO)

It is located Ochiai area. In summer, you can enjoy hiking and  canoeing. In winter, you can enjoy snowshoes and curling.





NRA north river adventures

It is located Ochiai area. In summer, you can enjoy rafting and canyoning. In winter, you can enjoy smelt fishing.







There are many kind of restaurant in Minamifurano. Venison curry, buckwheat noodles, sauteed pork, pizza, bageles, etc.


gourmet map(Japanese ver.)


souvenirs of Minamifurano

バタじゃが ◆”Batajyaga バタじゃが” Potato with butter
Potatos produced in Furano and butter produced in Hokkaido is used. It is delicious and easy to cook.
くまささ茶 ◆”Kumasasa cha くまささ茶” Japanese tea that is made of bamboo


A kind of bamboo “Kuma sasa” is resistant to cold weather as Minamifurano minus 25degrees environment. It is said that kumasasa cha will strengthen the natural human healing power.



    • A.かなやま湖 ログホテル ラーチ log hotel larch in Lake Kanayama

This hotel surrounded many trees and it makes you gentle feelings.
It is made of Japanese larch trees, origin of the hotel name “larch”.
It is also popular with the dinner. Many principal products of this district is used.

please inquire the hotel.

<place and phone number>
higashishikagoe minamifurano-cho sorachi-gun hokkaido, JAPAN
reservation site(English):

    • B.かなやま湖保養センター resort house in Lake Kanayama

This resort house has large public bath. At restaurant, you can enjoy many seasonal food in Minamifurano.There are two large rooms, one is 50 person can use, and another is 38 person can use, so it also suitable as a training institute. There are Barbecue house and bungalows, so you can enjoy outdoor easily.

please inquire the hotel.

<place and phone number>
higashishigagoe minamifurano-cho sorachi-gun hokkaido, JAPAN

    • C.民宿 岩本 private house providing bed and meals Iwamoto

This B&B is very homely, so some people stay here many times. It is near Ikutora station and Minamifurano ski area.

5,300yen at one night, with dinner and breakfast included. (At winter, extra charge is needed.)

<place and phone number>
ikutora minamifurano-cho sorachi-gun hokkaido, JAPAN

    • D.坂井旅館 private house providing bed and meals Sakai

It is famous for edible wild plant dinner. You can drink coffee anytime(self-service).

5,600yen at one night, with dinner and breakfast included. (At winter, extra charge is needed.)

<place and phone number>
ikutora minamifurano-cho sorachi-gun hokkaido, JAPAN

    • E.旅籠屋 なんぷてい private house providing bed and meals Namputei

Namputei is the newest B&B in Minamifurano. It’s old folk house-turned, so the guest will feel cozy.

At summer—6,300yen~
At winter—6,000yen~
with dinner and breakfast included.

<place and phone number>
ikutora minamifurano-cho sorachi-gun hokkaido, JAPAN

※Prior booking is required and please show your passport to front desk when you check-in.
※This site only inform accommodations in Minamifurano so we can’t involved any troubles.


Sightseeing spot map


tourist association

NPO Minamifurano creating a community tourist association
Minamifurano information plaza 1F
Ikutora minamihurano-cho sorachi-gun hokkaido, JAPAN
 ℡ +81-167-39-7000



To New Chitose Airport(Sapporo)












  • from airport to Minamifurano town by car

using expressway(1hours and 40min.)
※At winter it takes more time because of snow.

  • from airport to Minamifurano town by train

using JR line(limited express)
A. New chitose airport Sta.→Minamichitose Sta.→Shintoku Sta.→Ikutora Sta.
B. New chitose airport Sta.→Sapporo Sta.→Takikawa Sta.→Ikutora Sta.